Education Crisis

Scott Supports Teachers and Public Education 100%

Highlights of Scott’s Education Platform:

  • Increase average teacher base pay by 30-50%
  • Public Education through Grade 18, including masters and trades
  • Tuition Forgiveness
  • End the Charter School Experiment
  • Bail-out struggling districts with State surplus
  • Increase school Funding to meet base pay increases and per diem rates to increase labor market readiness for students, so that teachers do not need to spend their own money on classroom materials!
  • Teaching over testing
  • Right for teachers to unionize
  • Right to Collective Bargaining

Scott’s father, John, was a teacher in Illinois and he later became a principal. John was the first Italian American principal in his district – he was underpaid and underappreciated. Scott’s father passed away from Parkinson’s in 2018. His mom survives on his father’s pension. Scott knows that students need teachers who feel secure in their job and financial situation!

Teacher pay has declined to the point of being the lowest paid highly educated professional career. This is mainly due to the politicization of school districts by Republicans in order to pay for tax cuts for the rich, promote charter schools, and break-up unions.

Nearly 50% of all the jobs in our economy today will be automated by the year 2050. Therefore, Americans must have a higher level of education in order to even step-foot into the workforce. Even today, manufacturing requires more skilled labor than ever before. For our country to survive, college will be the norm. Public education through college will be as necessary as learning to read, write and count.

Tuition forgiveness is the Main Street bail-out we have been waiting for! 85% of student debt is federal loans. Forgiving this debt will free-up billions of dollars for people to spend on things like houses, cars, paying-off credit card debt and shopping again, at department stores like Cabela’s or others – places that are hanging on by a thread.

Scientific research on charter school performance shows they often do worse that regular public schools, or at least no better. There is no scientific evidence that Charter schools help kids get out of poverty or that it leads to better long-term outcomes. Therefore, Charter schools are a failed experiment.

Bottom line: fund public schools, pay teachers well to teach not test. Testing tells us nothing about how well a kid will do in life. The best thing we can do to help kids perform better in school is to build a strong economy!

Scott is Red for Ed!

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