Meet Scott, A Very Common American Story

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Scott’s paternal grandfather, Anthony Costello (originally, Antonio Castiello) emigrated from Monte Calvo, Italy in 1921 on the S.S. Providence, settling in the Pennsylvania “coal town” of, Mt Carmel. In 1924 he married Mary De Mayo who emigrated from Florence, Italy.

Scott’s father, John N Costello was born in 1927, the second of three children, shortly before Anthony naturalized in 1929. His older brother, Scott’s uncle Ray was born in 1925. Anthony was a laborer, working in coal mines and related jobs while his wife, Mary, labored at the General Cigar factory her entire working life.

Anthony Costello, certificate of Naturalization, 1929.

After high school, John and his eldest brother, Ray, enlisted during World War II. Ray in the Coast Guard and John in the Navy, serving on the, NTC Samson, NY, USS Springfield (CL66), and the U.S.S. Vicksburg (CL 86). John was honorably discharged in 1946 and went to college to become a teacher – a growing profession at the time, later commenting: “It was a promising career, better than shoveling dimes at the mint.” Scott’s uncle Anthony was born in 1944.

Dad with Navy friends, 1945

John Costello, US Navy, 1945

John met Catherine Muskey, the oldest of six, from Shamokin, Pennsylvania and they married in 1951. Catherine’s parents were of Polish, Austrian and Irish decent. John and Catherine moved to the Midwest where John started his teaching career, soon settling in Rockford, Illinois. John later attended University of Illinois for a Master’s in Education, one of very few Italian Americans to achieve this level of education at that time. Catherine was a secretary at Valspar corporation until 1966. From that point on, she worked as the family homemaker, raising three boys.

John & Catherine Costello, 1954

“Volunteering, prairie restoration, 2019. Prairies sequester more carbon than forests and provide needed habitat for birds, insects and other animals.”

Born in 1969, Scott was the youngest of the three, attending Rockford public schools, graduating Guilford High in 1987. Scott graduated Illinois State University, in 1993, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Social work, and minor in Sociology, then later, the University of Illinois, Chicago, where he completed his Master’s in Science of Social Work.

Scott has worked in the human service sector for 26 years, under many different roles, such as, community organizer and case manager, and Program Supervisor to Clinical Director. In 2002, Scott opened his own practice, which he retired from in 2017. Scott is currently Director of Behavioral Health at a regional hospital. He is a resident of Highland, Indiana. Prior to Highland, Scott resided in Munster and Illinois. Scott is a registered Democrat his entire life.


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John Costello, Principal, John F Kennedy middle school, 1977.

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