Humanitarian Crisis

Aside from slavery, we are a nation of immigrants who pushed out indigenous people to make room for Western European economic expansion. Other than Native Americans, no one ethnic group can lay claim to the identity of America.

American businesses along with the US Government have always sought out immigrants to provide labor for economic growth – both industrial and agricultural. My maternal great grandfather, who was a son a serf from Poland came to America after seeing flyers in his hometown that read, “The streets in America are paved in gold.” But many American leaders pretend the immigrants need us more than we need them. In fact, the current leadership of the Republican party is hurting the American economy and the soul of our nation by how they are treating immigrants and refugees. It is nothing less than evil as well as economically unsound. The bottom line is that our economy will decline without immigrants, and our moral standing has seriously declined as well. There is one organization who is demanding better treatment of immigrants and refugees. COSECHA’s Demands

1. Permanent Protection: Legalization for all undocumented immigrants.

2. Licenses for All: All undocumented immigrants who work, live, and contribute to the Indiana economy deserve the right to drive without fear. We demand that the legislative council assign to a summer study committee the topic of issuing driver’s licenses for all.

3. Dignity for Immigrant Workers: Labor rights such as access to unemployment. Payment of time lost due to illnesses, especially COVID19. Access to the FMLA. Hazard pay for work under risky conditions. Health and safety measures in workplaces. Protections against dismissals and retaliation following COVID19.

4. State Aid and Relief: Access to state support packages, funds and stimulus checks, and creation of funds for the undocumented community. Access to education with paying the same tuition prices as any other resident. Access to occupational licenses regardless of legal status.

5. Rent Cancellation: Cancellation of rent and mortgage payments during the crisis.

6. Right to Health and Survival: Universal health care, including access to testing and hospitalization, for the entire immigrant community. Access to information on the health crisis in our language. Access to mental health providers and specialists.

7. Freedom for All: Stop all deportations. The release of all immigrants in detention on humanitarian parole or release on recognizance, not conditioned on bond, at the border, in Indiana, and throughout the country.

Below is the link to COSECHA movement:

I am for developing a pathway to citizenship. We should waive fees for citizenship applications because people coming to America are too poor to afford it; fees make them vulnerable to further victimization.

I understand many Americans worry about immigrants taking their jobs. However, there are much more humane and creative solutions to employment problems than putting people in jail or deporting them.

I support repealing the racist and arbitrary Muslim ban and a moratorium on deportations

Town Hall:
Immigration, Legalization & Decriminalization

Town Hall:
April 14th, 2020

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