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This website is paid for by the Scott Costello Campaign Committee for the Indiana First District, US House of Representatives, 2020 Democratic Primary.

I appreciate your donation!

I would rather have 1,000 volunteers than a $1,000,000 donations, but I know most of us just don’t have the time to knock on doors or make phone calls, but we want to support positive changes by making a donation.

I am the only candidate running a Grass Roots campaign.

My goal is to spend as little as possible on this campaign. I believe that elections can be inexpensive if we take the time to learn about candidates on their websites and social media. However, candidates need to make good use of these tools. I’m spending a lot of time building-up a website full of detailed information that you can read, listen to, or watch when you have time. Thank you for getting to know me here instead of on Fox “news” or other news media.

The maximum donation for an individual is $2,800 per election but I’m not taking any big donations.

You must be a US Citizen to donate.

I will only accept donations of $200 or less. 

Please include your full Name, address, phone or email address.

If your donation is discovered to be from anyone other than an individual US Citizen, a nefarious organization, for bad faith purposes, or from any foreign government or a foreign agent acting on behalf of a foreign government, then your donation will be rejected and donated to a homeless charity or other charity, or disposed of within the boundaries of Federal and State Election law.

Donations will be used for expenses such as this website, advertising, printed materials, supplies, campaign events, stipends or other FEC approved expenses.

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